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Up to 2 hours per clean*

Ideal for one bedroom apartment 
and other similar size spaces

Starting price for weekly cleans

Deep Clean

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Up to 3 hours per clean*

Ideal for 2 bed 2 bath or larger place

Starting price for weekly cleans

Move Out/In Clean

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Pre selected package for all sizes

How it Works

Step 1

Select the size of your home

Step 2

Select the level of cleanliness
your home is in

Step 3

Schedule your preferred day and 2-HR
booking window

Let's clean up
to free up your time

Cleaning products

The detergents we use during the cleaning process h​ave been tested and are completely harmless to people and animals.

About Us


The vision was born out of our passion for community wellbeing. With the team of likeminded professionals, we founded Dust Ninja to deliver exceptional cleaning service. Cleaner spaces, balanced living.


Our team of seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. Each of our teams are screened and extensively trained, ensuring that every space receives the care it deserves.


We are committed to improving local communities by providing cleaner and healthier spaces and exceeding customer expectations.


Cleanliness in the house is a factor of comfort and health safety, and the time and energy we save for our customers can be spent on important things - work, entertainment and time with their loved ones.

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Cleaning Time Billed

We estimate based on the time, i.e. person-hours that our Team spends in your home. The total number of person-hours is obtained by multiplying the duration of the team's stay by the number of people on the team.

Arrival Times

Our schedules are finalized one
business day in advance. We will provide you a two-hour arrival window one business day prior to your appointment.


Dust Ninja requires a valid credit card to complete your booking. Once you click 'Book Now', one of our representatives will contact you to confirm your booking!

Your card will be charged when your appoinment is scheduled and confirmed.

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Got a few questions?